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Engineering for the love of music – what’s that all about?

When I was about 13 I became fascinated with the design of electric guitars. My mother who is a librarian took me with her to a warehouse of a company that imported magazines from around the world to Israel. She took me there to look at comics, but I found there fascinating magazines on all kinds of subjects. There were firearms magazines, sewing magazines, magazines for car and motorcycle enthusiasts, and many other topics. The best magazines I found (and my mother bought me) were the fringe and wacky comics and musical instruments magazines. I love comics, but when I found the Guitar Shop and Vintage Guitar magazines, that was it. I was utterly fascinated by the sheer number of ways for connecting guitar effects for getting new and different sounds out of a single instrument. I was truly baffled by how many different people tried to innovate, and how what they did was unique, yet still maintained a link to the sounds of popular music. I really, really, wanted to make my own electric guitar. Continue reading Engineering for the love of music – what’s that all about?