About me

Ever since I first picked up a guitar, I’ve been interested in the physics and mechanics of musical instruments. That interest led me to study musicology and art history for a while, than I moved on to study cabinetmaking, as I wanted more knowledge in how wooden things actually get built and made. After a few years working in a commercial cabinetmaking shop, my desire to build guitars took me to learn with Paul Doyle at The Irish School of Lutherie, where I built my first acoustic guitar.

I worked for a couple of years in a digital print shop in Jerusalem as the technical go-to guy, where between making sure the presses ran smoothly I did my best to find the best technical solutions for the many graphical designers and design students that were among the shop’s clientele.

During my time in the print shop, I figured that I craved more knowledge in how things work, and so I went on to study for a four-year plastic engineering Bachelor’s degree (BSc) in Shenkar college. During my senior year, I found a student position in one of Israel’s rubber manufacturing companies, and then went on to take a full-time engineering position in that company. In this position I was responsible for the design of new projects, and maintenance of existing projects, for the company’s infrastructure and defense costumers.

With my new skills and better understanding of physics, materials, and programming, I decided to open up my own firm, where I am looking for new ways to fill the gap between engineering, art, and sound.

Happily married to Aya, and the proud owner (or pet of) two cats.